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The Problem

IQ Solutions, a full service firm specializing in public health services believes that the existing information resource center (IRC) platform is out of date and wants to move towards a commercially available SaaS platform.


The project was done as a part of INST710 (UX Research Methods class, under the guidance of Prof. Wayne Lutters

The Client

IQ Solutions is a full-service firm that specializes in public health communications and health information technology, with a dedication towards improving the quality of life for under served communities.

Our Goal

To assess business needs and individual requirements, understanding the current state of the system by identifying the issues, the way it is used and the impact it has on employees at IQ Solutions

My Role

Interviewer: Conducting Contextual Inquiries with 4 employees

Researcher: Building affinity diagram and the collaboration model

Project Timeline

September 15th - December 15th


The Process

User Research:

We conducted contextual inquiries with a total of seven (7) IQ employees (two (2) Information Specialists (IS), three (3), Managers , two (2) warehouse workers) .Each contextual interview lasted about 45 to 60 minutes.


These contextual inquiries helped us fully understand the requirements of the system, the various user tasks, and any other obstacles not made apparent in the initial meetings.

Data Analysis:

We categorized the data into affinity diagrams. This data was further used to chalk out the relation ship model and the collaboration model which were also deliverable at for the final presentation.

After completing the Experience Models, we presented our findings to employees at IQ Solutions Call Center. During the session, attendees participated in a “Wall Walk.” The Wall Walk immersed attendees in our data and allowed them to provide feedback and design ideas for potential solutions.


Outcomes, Challenges and Future work



The employees at IQ were completely immersed in the data during 'Wall Walk', because of which we could successfully generate hot ideas for improving employee experience at IQ.

Some of the issues we focused on were the lack of necessary automation, excess complexities in Knowledge Management system and inconsistent warehouse data. 

All data cannot be revealed here since IQ works directly with government organizations.



  • Since the project was done as part of a university course, there were time and task restrictions. 

  • ​Since IQ's clients are government agencies, all the data could not be revealed. It was difficult to use software like Camtasia, and the recordings had to be edited before they could be handed over to us.​

Future Work


​The raw data and the design solutions were handed over to IQ managers who will be using them to upgrade the existing system. The findings and design solutions will helped IQ team to choose a product that caters to the needs of all the diverse set of employees.

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