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Hello and Welcome to my Blog

I am Rijuta Dighe, a Roboticist with a passion to create beautiful products. I believe, that every engineering marvel is an excellent amalgamation of technology and design.

Originally, I planned this to be just a portfolio website consisting of all my technical and non technical work. But then I realized, a limited set of projects will not help me express myself. I do not want to sell goods and services, but I want to sell stories, relations and magic! I wanted to connect with people, present my ideas - creative and other, with everyone, which is why I added this blog to my website.

'Stop Competing, Start Connecting'

As Seth Godin has rightly put,

"Connect, create meaning, make a difference, matter, be missed"

What my posts will be about?

  • Robots - obviously. Also, products that I absolutely love.

  • Stories and Poems - I used to write a lot as a child, still do, and I'm more than excited to finally be able to share it.

  • Origami - An art I love and still pursue.

  • Reviews - of books (I am that nerdy girl who dreams of owning a library!) of seminars, of research work I find fascinating.

All in all, this blog will be about Science and Art, the left brain and the right brain. It will be about ideas and inspirations, spinning in my head, ready to be assembled in words.

"Be genuine. Be remarkable. be worth connecting with" - Seth Godin

I am SO looking forward to this, hope this is a wonderful experience for both of us :)



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Mar 01, 2020

excellent !!


Abhinav Modi
Abhinav Modi
Mar 01, 2020

Inspirational - Intriguing - Impressive.


Rishabh Choudhary
Rishabh Choudhary
Feb 28, 2020

This blog is magic!

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